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Chemical giant Wake Silicone Rubber Price Rise Related Companies Attracted Attention

According to media reports, the silicone Business Department of Wake Chemical Group, an international chemical giant, recently announced that the price of silicone rubber sold in Europe, the Middle East and South America would be raised by 40%. The reason is that the cost of energy and labor is increasing, and the price adjustment will take effect from November 1. The products provided by Wake Silicone Business Department are mainly used in automotive, construction and medical technology fields.

According to the industry, the domestic market price of organosilicon DMC has been declining rapidly in recent years, with the quotation pointing directly to the 20,000 yuan/ton pass. From the inventory situation of enterprises, DMC prices may fall below the 20,000 yuan mark. With the price of DMC and other products coming back, the production cost of downstream enterprises such as silicone rubber and resin will decrease significantly, and the profit of the industry is expected to recover. International giant organosilicon rubber has raised its price substantially. The industry will face double advantages of cost reduction and product price increase. The industry fundamentals are expected to reverse and relevant companies are expected to benefit.

Relevant listed companies:

Chenhua Stock: With a silicone rubber production capacity of 0.85 million tons, it is in the leading position in the field of subdivision in China.

Silicon treasure science and technology: is the leading enterprise of silicone room temperature rubber, which launched the world's first silicone rubber automobile tire.