Where is the difference between popular silicone gel and silicone rubber?

Many friends know that silicone products have a certain hardness range. Although it looks soft, it can not meet the requirements beyond a certain range of hardness and softness. For example, the product is too hard or too soft, too hard products may be replaced by natural rubber and other synthetic rubber. Hardness is too soft and may be replaced by different materials, such as silicon gel is one of them. What's the difference between silicone rubber and hot materials in recent years?

Silicone rubber products belong to solid-state moulding process. It is mainly made of polymethyl vinyl siloxane. The raw materials are combined with silica, siloxane and silicone resin as auxiliary materials. The finished products are produced by high temperature moulding process with good softness, hardness and softness between 20 and 80 degrees.

Silicone gel is also one of the silica gel, and it is mainly liquid molding to achieve -40 degree of softness, and high purity, strong elasticity. It is semi solidified after forming and solidifying. It is used as a basic sealing material for many kinds of auxiliary seals. It has good sealing performance and high temperature resistance. State, and fixed-line can form a solidified body, fixed-line process without any changes in response!

It is different from silicone products in terms of processing methods and product quality. Silicone gel has better adaptability and environment and is used in any substance. Silicone rubber can be automatically healed after crushing and crushing, and its density is strong enough to prevent moisture and water. Therefore, it is used for waterproof, moisture-proof and gas proof coating of precision electronic components, backlight and electrical modules. Pouring and sealing protection, etc.